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I'm the founder of Taaalk ✌️
New to taaaaaaaaaaalk :)
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Joshua Summers
21:07, 06 May 20
Hi, I'm the founder of Taaalk
Thanks for visiting the feedback page
To give feedback on Taaalk, please join this conversation and share your ideas
Thank you 🤗
00:35, 27 May 20
Throughout the site I've seeing those black bars that act as division.
I first thought they were a bug, but upon looking at the page source, I noticed a `big-blue-split` div haha

I found them kinda ugly, no offence. I'd advise on doing something about that :)
01:02, 27 May 20
Found another bug! yay

As you can see, below my username there is your bio and your twitter handle. Both of which I did not put there.
Should I try to change it now, or leave it like this for debugging?
Joshua Summers
01:23, 27 May 20
Haha. Yeah I saw that bug just now too!
You can change it. I'll fix it on my local machine. Sorry about that!
What are your thoughts in regards to the 'big blue split'? 
I use a 'big white split' in a few other places (e.g. above the box you type messages in). Do you think that might look better?
Also if you could describe exactly what you find ugly about them/what gives you that feeling - it would help a lot. Don't worry about being rude. I like my feedback rough.
Joshua Summers
01:41, 27 May 20
Another idea I just had is to make the 'split' bars thinner. What do you think about this?

image.png 61 KB

01:42, 27 May 20
Yeah! Thinner looks much better!!
Joshua Summers
01:50, 27 May 20
Alright! Thanks
I'll change that tomorrow morning 🙂
01:54, 27 May 20
The white splits could also use some love <3
No problem :)
Joshua Summers
01:55, 27 May 20
Yes, well I'm a big fan of consistency - so I think all the splits will be changing tomorrow...
Would you mind saying why you don't like them though? It would help me improve my design thinking
02:17, 27 May 20
Sure. Sorry I didn't answer this earlier.
The way I can describe is that it's distracting. I don't need to be so aware that "here comes a split!!".
Here we have two lines/boxes that are just about the same thickness of the splits, and yet those are fine:

They draw attention to the usernames and bios that makes them feel like they are boxes, it is, that they have lines around them even though they don't. :) 
Did you design those from scratch?
Joshua Summers
08:07, 27 May 20
Yes I did. Thanks for the compliment about them!
I have question. When you press "Edit Your Taaalk" (when on your Taaalk page) I use thick red splits to divide the edit section from the rest of the page. 
I feel like I don't want some thick and some thin... So what do I dooo???
Joshua Summers
08:28, 27 May 20
Another solution that might take less time to implement and leave me with fewer design 'conflicts' would be changing the background colour of splits to #F5F5F5.

image.png 178 KB

Perhaps this makes the splits less aggressive?
#F5F5F5 is the same colour I use in the background for the space where you edit your personal details inside of a Taaalk:

image.png 75 KB

What do you think? 
Joshua Summers
08:43, 27 May 20
I could also work on the spacing. With the thin split I made the spacing even on each side. I could do the same for the new 'light thicker split'.
Joshua Summers
12:58, 27 May 20
As you can see I decided to go for the #f5f5f5 solution. It was the fastest to implement and allowed me to keep the design "rules" of the site consistent.
Colin Cusack
13:01, 28 May 20
I'm liking how the site is shaping up. The little changes have made a big difference.  I've not been able to find a personalisation of your speech bubbles in talk (eg choice of bubble colour, font). I think this would give people their own personality on the page and also give it a bit more of a bright look to it.
Colin Cusack
13:08, 28 May 20
Just spotted aswell that if I change my bio after I have joined a chat then my old bio stays at the top. I think this should update with any changes i make.
Colin Cusack
13:11, 28 May 20
Never mind, I'm figuring it out now...
Is there a way to set a default bubble colour??
Joshua Summers
14:03, 28 May 20
Hey Colin. Yes there is.
At the top of this Taaalk (or anyone you started/are in) there is a box like this:

image.png 8.86 KB

If you click that you can edit lots of details about yourself and choose your bubble colour.

image.png 76.8 KB

When you joined this Taaalk the 'Edit Taaalk Details' area should have been open. If it wasn't please let me know!
And yes, there is a split between the 'Speaker' details (a member of an individual Taaalk) and the 'User' details. This is because it's possible to personalise the Speaker details depending on the Taaalk you are in. For example in this Taaalk about a paper I wrote on a theory of dreaming, I changed my Speaker details to focus on my mental health credentials.
23:05, 28 May 20
Yeah the splits do look better now. Still, I think something like 8px height would be a bit better than 12px.
23:09, 28 May 20
Bug report:

I can't see the speech bubble section properly. Can't scroll it down even if I click on it.
I'm on Chrome using a touchpad, don't know if that'd make a difference.
Joshua Summers
23:11, 28 May 20
I just did a little experiment and made all of the lines 8px instead of 12px...
It looks much better haha.

image.png 54.8 KB

It smartens things up I think.
How does it look to you?
[Too tired to change it now so I think I'll change it tomorrow.]
Joshua Summers
00:24, 29 May 20
Re not seeing the rest... You need to press 'See more colours...' which must not be obvious enough...
05:36, 29 May 20
not obvious, no. hahah
maybe if you put "show more colors" below the color selection div it'd be better.
Joshua Summers
07:04, 29 May 20
Yes, it was under before. But on mobile when you close it then you are then lost on the page (when closed it becomes smaller, but your position on the page does not change, meaning suddenly you are not in the right place).
By having it above you are forced to keep your place.
I think I will make it more obvious and eye catching.
Joshua Summers
14:52, 30 May 20
Hello people 👋
I thought I'd let you know I'd made a few changes to try to smarten things up.

image.png 292 KB

Firstly I reduced the size of the white bars around the site that live in the 'purple' bars from 40px to 16px. I think the 40px was needless and led to excessive blockishness.
I also added a drop-shadow (0px 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.2)) to the 'cards' on the site. This is the only element with drop-shadow. I chose to do it because my nephew couldn't tell the Taaalks apart on the index page.
I also reduced the width of the coloured lines in the cards from 8px to 6px.
On the Taaalk page I followed your suggestion, anakimluke, and changed the 'split' lines and the lines next to the user details form 12px to 8px.

image.png 53.9 KB

23:48, 30 May 20
nice! Now I'm curious how old is your nephew! haha
Joshua Summers
23:49, 30 May 20
Haha. Older than a normal nephew. From a much older sister.
Joshua Summers
12:39, 15 Jul 20
Hi everyone - do any of you feel that Taaalk needs any message feedback methods? E.g. being able to ❤️ a message or add a comment to a message?
Right now things are very simple and I think that keeps the platform quite pure (as in people write for themselves rather than engagement), but I've noticed that Taaalks can get stale/people don't respond after a while and maybe they are missing feedback on what they right/that people care about it.
Another alternative would be to give feedback on the conversation as a whole. For example on Medium you can 'clap' an article:

image.png 64.9 KB

If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know.
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