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I'm the founder of Taaalk and a Ruby on Rails engineer
Part time superhero, full time marketing dude.
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Joshua Summers
16:51, 02 Jun 22 (edit: 22:32, 02 Jun 22)
Hello 👋 and welcome to my side project
It is called Taaalk. It is a platform for conversations that are closed (only who you invite) and public (anyone can read them). People can choose to "follow" a Taaalk and they will get email updates every time someone posts a reply.
I'd love you to try it out. To join this Taaalk to speak with me visit, and enter this invite code: 441284610.
Taaalk has a few features I'm very proud of. It has a pretty message preview section that looks like this:

image.png 242 KB

Every time you join a Taaalk you can customise your "speakers" profile for that particular conversation: You can choose the colour of your speech bubble, as well as have a specific image, bio and twitter handle. You can even join the same Taaalk multiple times and have different profiles if you wanted to Taaalk to yourself!

image.png 236 KB

Taaalk also has a handy "Reply" section. This keeps tracks of all the Taaalks you are in and lets you know if it looks like you have some replies to make.

image.png 959 KB

When you're in a Taaalk sometimes you can have ideas for things you want to bring up later in the discussion. Because of this I built a notes section that every "speaker" has:

image.png 50 KB

If you want to start your own conversation, you can do that here:

image.png 60.8 KB

That's a little breakdown of Taaalk. If you want to try it out, feel free to join this conversation:, invite code: 441284610
Thank you!
Joshua Summers
07:57, 03 Jun 22
Hi Jason
Thanks for giving Taaalk a try
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